An Alleweireldt, creator of Oxx Jewellery, won the Armourers and Braziers Prize for innovative work.
A graduate of the Royal College of Art, she is a Belgian designer who has established herself in London for the last ten years, selling internationally at private exhibitions, shops and galleries.
"Jewellery is inspiring in it's ability to seek beauty in the overlooked, challenging the notion of preciousness. I like to combine materials we know as precious with everyday materials like vinyl, wood and rubber. My belief is that every material or object can be inspiring; it is how you look at them and what you make of it.
My collections include turning vinyl records, lollipop sticks, seeds of the rainforest etc into stunning pieces you would want to wear.
It's necessary to look a little closer as things may not be as they seem.

Tel:+44 78 1798 5747


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