Eelco Veenman graduated from the Design Academy, Eindhoven and then as 'Master of Fine Arts' from the Dutch Art Institute, Enschede finally participating in a special study goldsmithing at the Vakschool, Schoonhoven to develop technical skills,
where he discovered the beauty of making jewellery.
He creates handmade pieces of precious jewellery, mainly necklaces - one-off pieces or limited editions. In most pieces
one-and-the-same 'basic shape' can be recognized, as solid, as view, or as wireframe and recently in a more narrative way. The creation of each piece starts with only a 'basic thought', which develops during the making of the jewellery.


Tel:+31(0)6 24 989 789

At ORIGIN 2007, The Dutch Design Week and SIERAAD 2007 I showed my new collection which consists of mainly large solid rings, still dealing with the same 'shape'. Each ring has something to tell about 'making jewellery based on one and the same shape' or tries to give the 'shape' meaning. The 'shape' started just as a 'shape' in 2005 (although I don't consider myself as the inventor) and becomes now more and more a 'symbol'. 

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Silver Ring
Silver necklace
Silver necklace
Gold Ring