Harm Bron estabished his own workshop in Heerenveen, after completing his education on the Vakschool Schoonhoven. His objects and jewelry are often made of combinations of different materials, like: silver, gold, titanium, zirconium and precious stones.They are characterized by round flowing lines, and a careful finish. His work has been exhibited widely across the Netherlands, and he won the Certificate of Merit awarded by The Goldsmiths Company at "The Class of '95" exhibition. He has collaborated in the design and production of ranges of diverse objects including funerary containers, and works with designer Gon Hoovliet to create the fantastic hats.

Address: Atelier “De Bron”
Brouwerslaan 43
8443 DZ Heerenveen
The Netherlands
Email: harmbron@hetnet.nl
Website: www.atelierdebron.com
 "I seek and find my inspiration in nature. I am always astonished how things can grow, from a small seed to an exotic flower, from an egg to a colourful bird, from atoms pressed together to a beautiful precious stone. Everything in nature flows, from one form into another. These things move me, and I try to express these feelings into my work"

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Silver brooch
Silver Vessel
Silver Container
Silver Decoration/Harm Bron
Black Hat/Gon Hoogvliet